About Cartesian Capital & Our Solutions

How we work

At Cartesian Capital, our team provides quality service. Unlike working with a large firm where the customer relationship manager may change every twelve to eighteen months, our business is the right size so that you’ll continue to deal with the same small group of people over time. And unlike some companies that charge first and hopefully provide the solution you need after, we don’t charge immediately. We take the time to appreciate your situation and what will best work for you.

For each inquiry about our services, we take the time to analyse and understand the business. We analyse the key stakeholders, how the business dynamics operate, how you deliver your services and so on. Our expertise is far ranging and we can help in a number of areas. As every business is different and has unique goals, it is only by taking this time that we can create a tailored solution for your particular issues.

We also consider whether we are the best company to deal with your business. At Cartesian Capital, we have developed strong and far-ranging business networks—so if we aren’t the best people to help you, we can easily refer you on to people who can. We work with a range of other groups including Lawyers, Accountants and others, and can happily recommend reputable firms to assist you.

Our international alliance partners also mean we are able to offer better solutions and better distribution, as we are able to go offshore for solutions rather than raising capital solely in the Australian market.

We don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution to your capital problems. We provide the tailored solution that your individual business needs. Our focus is on performance and delivery. And it shows, as the majority of work we do comes from referrals and repeat business.

You can find out about our professional accreditations and credentials by clicking the link.

Since 2004 Cartesian Capital has been committed to:

  • Providing ensured outcomes.
  • Providing a quality service to proactive companies.
  • Building strategic alliances for the benefit of our clients.
  • Providing technical and advisory expertise.
  • Being globally aligned, but regionally focused.
  • Approaching aligned investors.

Certain Outcomes for Clients

We are committed to understanding our clients’ activities and aspirations, and tailoring solutions to achieve quality outcomes. We believe this is most appropriately applied to growing, emerging mid-capitalisation companies. Our technical and advisory expertise combined with that of our alliance partners enables an extensive global network. A commitment to local rigour and expertise is applied across a global market, but with an obvious Asian and North American presence and bias.

This approach has allowed Cartesian Capital and our partners' personnel to advise and execute transactions covering almost every business sector with a transaction value exceeding AUD$ 2.5 billion.

Prioritisation, being Proactive

Cartesian Capital is focused on emerging investable opportunities with cashflow and EBITDA a critical pre-qualification. We seek out under-valued sectors endowed with quality assets, superior strategic and growth prospects, enabled by proactive superior management and Boards. Our recent transaction and client involvement has been geared towards opportunities in: Mining Services, Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy and Technology.

Committed to build Strategic Alliances

Cartesian Capital builds strategic alliances with other companies for ongoing and mutual benefit. Our success can only be measured by the success of our clients, and to this end we prioritise post transaction, secondary market support and effective communications. Our clients benefit as Cartesian Capital builds quality relationships between investors and corporate/enterprise clients. Our commitment to ongoing client service and ensuring the best possible ongoing research and reporting by the enterprises we support, helps us build our long-term strategic alliances.

Technical and Advisory Expertise

We offer our clients advice from experts who cover a number of our favoured investible industries. This enables a unique depth of due diligence and pre-financing understanding.

Globally Aligned, Regionally Focused

We believe that with our multi industry and multi jurisdictional skills, we are uniquely positioned to represent quality investment opportunities. Geographically we cover most of Asia, North America, South America, Canada, South Africa and Australia. This network provides an integrated and broad distribution and marketing network, with our knowledgeable but discriminating approach welcomed by investing clients.

Approaching Aligned Investors

The breadth of the Cartesian Capital Network enables us to find specific and regular offerings to suit the investment parameters of our "buy-side" clients. This knowledge is critical to ensuring appropriate pricing and efficient marketing. We believe this adds more value for our enterprise clients by virtue of marrying their share register and investor support with shareholders who are informed and have matching investment duration expectations. This also enables efficient accessing of capital for longer duration projects, usually without the attendant discount as risk and return are more appropriately identified, communicated and priced.

Please get in contact if you are interested in finding out if Cartesian Capital has the capital solutions and corporate advice to improve your business.